Those America’s Next Top Models sure make posing look easy. I always think, “I could do that!” ….until I get in front of a photographer – then my mind goes blank! A successful photographer must have the ability to direct their subjects. Believe it or not, giving your subject a general pose will actually make them feel MORE comfortable and be able to relax and show their personalities, than if you expect them to create their own poses.  Here is an important tip I have learned to create a dramatic, dynamic image.

1. Chin down. In most cases with portrait photography, keeping the chin down creates a more intense, meaningful, and attractive photo. Beware of double chins, though – simply putting a chin down isn’t quite enough – the subject also has to pull back on the sternum a bit and create a “hollow” spot to keep the space between chin and chest open. Just go practice in the mirror – you will see what else has to be done to prevent the double chin. Usually, they get it quickly when I am able to show them myself. There are exceptions to every rule, but in most situations, this is a good rule to follow and will create an intensity in the eyes that can’t be matched.

Here are some examples of the type of photo you can get following this one simple rule:
Posing Tips for Photographers

Posing Tips

How to Pose Your Subject

Photography Tip