It seems like people (myself included) tend to face the camera straight on, shoulders squared, arms down, when asked to pose for a picture. It’s like our creative brain cells go blank when a camera is staring us down. One thing I ask my clients to do is create angles.

A few specific angles to try:
1. Asymmetry is captivating (and flattering!). I like to get various heights during my photo shoots – standing, laying, and in this case, squatting. Now, you can imagine how most people would look when they are told to ‘squat,’ hah! But add a few angles and asymmetry, and you have a beautifully composed shot.

Colorado Photography

2. Drop a shoulder. This technique will lengthen one side of the neck, creating a beautiful line.

Colorado Portrait Photographer

3. Find objects to help with your angles. Originally, this model was standing straight up against the tree – a typical senior shot – but all we did to make this shot pop was angle her toward the tree, creating a more interesting piece. Note that her shoulders are still angled as well, and there is still asymmetry in her leg positions.

Colorado Photographer

4. Face forward. Sometimes it can be powerful to create your angles and asymmetry, and then have them direct their face straight to the camera. It can create an intense connection with the viewer that is hard to replicate without the angles.

Photographer in Colorado

Angles can be just what is needed to make a model out of anyone. There are of course times when perfect symmetry is called for, but in general, this is a rule I follow to create shots that really stand out.

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