I had a really fun photo shoot today with a friend of mine from Kantorei,  the awesome Colorado choir I am in (www.kantorei.org). I wanted to test out some new photoshop techniques and just push my boundaries a little more than I’m used to. She’s a stunning woman and turning her into a model was easy as chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

On this image, I had fun splicing in a fake sky for a dreamy look that makes you do a double-take….

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I’m toying with the idea of adding in “light circles” just for fun. I remember lights used to look like this before I got laser surgery, ha! The smaller ones in the back are actually part of the photo – i just added the large ones for effect.

Denver Photographers

Denver Photographer

Interesting how fading an image can actually make it look richer. Just full of texture and life.

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Here is a more basic shot, touched up to perfection.

Photographer Denver Colorado

This shot was acquired by having Aubrie shake her head back and forth a few times. It’s my make-shift fan, haha! Beautiful results.

Photographer Denver Colorado

This scarf is actually just a sweater i got at a garage sale. Never underestimate the power of being thrifty!

Denver Photography

I also experimented a bit with adding haze and fading to create an ethereal feel.

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