Did you know that in only 5 minutes (or less!), you can get a full portrait session good for nearly any use or occasion? The trick for this posing technique is: distance. Varied distance from your subject creates completely different looks that can be all you need to complete a full portrait session. It’s important to take a few seconds to compose each image before you start shooting. Work with the light, give your subject some angles, and get your camera settings in place. Once you’re ready, follow three simple steps for the full effect.

1. Start with a full-body shot.
2. Next, step in for a shot from about waist-up.
3. End with a close-up.

Simple as that. Take a look at some examples of how effective this rule can be.



and then if you have an extra minute or two, break it up a little with close cropping and an angled lens…. just for fun.

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