Heavenfest was a blast this year. Thank you to the leaders of Heavenfest for all of the work you put in – this festival pointed strait to Jesus in every way.

A few shots from the day – concert photography is very foreign to me and I still have a lot to learn about it. One of the main things I learned is that it’s hard to get a shot that’s not too ‘busy,’ so composition is key. Finding empty space to fill the backgrounds and using a good background blur really helps, as does positioning the artist in a unique place within the frame. Centered shots just weren’t as captivating.

Feel free to comment below with which image you think is best. I want to know what type of shot appeals to people!

Super Chick Concert Photography

RED Concert Photography

RED Band Concert Photos

Super Chick PHotos

Heavenfest PHotos
I learned to use the lights on stage to act sort of like the sunset… and who doesn’t like a good sunset shot?

Heavenfest Concert Photos

Skillet Concert Photos

Skillet Concert Pictures

Skillet Photos

Pictures of Skillet Band

Skillet is fun to watch to put it mildly. I had a teeth-baring, carefree smile the entire concert.

Trace Bundy Picture
He played a song with his iphone that literally sounded like an entire band. It was no cheap trick – our mouths were hanging open in awe. My husband said that song alone was worth the trip out.

Capo Stew Pictures
He uses 5 capos in this song, by the way. But who doesn’t, really. TraceBundy.com

Fun fun day. I look forward to the next concert i get the privilege of taking pictures at. I learned a lot and would gladly do it again!

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