Announcing High School and College Graduation is not a new tradition, but the style and manner of announcement has changed dramatically over the past 30 years. Graduation Announcements used to be a simple, school-organized purchase, where each graduate had the same announcement and eventually included a photo of the high school or college senior graduate. Announcements were so similar, even identical fonts were used, and the arrangement of text was unoriginal.

Old Graduation Cards

Old Style Graduation Cards

Over the past 5 years, graduation announcements have rapidly begun to evolve with easy access to Photoshop, press printing companies, and graphic design artists.

Graduation Cards soon began to include a photo printed right onto the graduation announcement, making a more all-in-one look which appealed to graduates and parents of graduates. The early “graduation photo cards” were very basic, however, and left much to be desired by way of personality and customization.
Consider the “flat” and uninteresting nature of these graduation cards from Tiny Prints:

Pink Graduation Photo Cards

Graduation Photo Cards

In the last 3 years, Graduation Photo Cards have become the new normal, and in the last 1-2 years, graduation cards have taken an entirely new turn with companies that offer graduation cards with heavier card stock, more design options (to fit more graduate personalities), more photos per card, and cards that are simply creative and inventive.

These graduation cards from Photo Card Chef are completely original and mimic and popular video website:

"Awesome Graduation Photo Cards"

"Awesome Graduation Photo Cards" from Photo Card Chef

In addition to more creative designs, Graduation Cards are now much more high quality. Cards can now be printed onto Linen Card Stock, Pearlized Card Stock, and a number of other finishes. Graduation Announcements are also trending toward a more expensive looking and high end style, with tri-fold cards, bi-fold cards, and I have even seen booklets offered, containing a magazine-style approach to graduation announcing.

Tri Fold Graduation Photo Cards

Tri Fold Graduation Photo Cards from Photo Card Chef

In the end, I am excited to see the changing trends happening with graduation announcements. Students love being able to choose a photo card that shows their personality, and friends and family love receiving cards that show the senior’s style, rather than the old, expected and unoriginal style that used to be, but is quickly being dominated by Photo Card companies that know how to push the style envelope.


About the Author:
Ellie Pickett is the founder of a popular Graduation Announcement Company, Photo Card Chef, which offers current trends with graduation cards. Ellie operates out of Colorado, and has years of experience analyzing the growing photo card market and trends that keep photo cards thriving.